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Hand-push Roller Rotary Seeder Precision Planter

Hand-push Roller Rotary Seeder Precision Planter

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Protective cover: stainless steel

Duck beak material: 45 steel

Adjustable plant spacing: Fixed plant spacing not adjustable

Number of wheel types: Standard 5

Limit plate and cover wheel: Yes

Seeding and fertilization function: only sow seeds

Style: 5nozzles 30cm, 6 nozzles 26cm, 7
nozzles 23cm, 8 nozzles 20cm, 9 nozzles 18cm, 10 nozzles 16cm

Applicable crops: peanuts, corn, soybeans, cotton, mung beans, beans, and other crops

There are special round seeds of peanuts and soybeans that are not precise and can be adjusted in number

Soil quality requirements: Generally, the soil quality is acceptable. Wet soil, hard soil, clay, especially loose sand are not suitable


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