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Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kits

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kits

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Cover Material: PC Sheet

Style: 8x12 Ft Dimensions: 141"D x 97"W x 80"H

Style: 6x7.5 FT Dimensions: 70"L x 88.5"W x 77.3"H

Style: 8x12 Ft Weight: 136 Pounds

About this item

  • 【Quick Setup Structure】Designed for simplicity with a quick-install system and slide-in panels, our greenhouse-perfected through over 500 tests-boosts setup speed by 40% and enhances stability by 35%. This design ensures a swift, solid build, allowing gardeners to focus more on their passion for planting.
  • 【Ultra-Durable Build】The greenhouse is constructed with heavy-duty 720g/m² polycarbonate panels and a reinforced aluminum frame, offering exceptional durability. Built to withstand the elements, it provides year-round protection for your plants, ensuring a stable and enduring gardening environment.
  • 【UV Guard】Our green house is equipped with panels that have a UV coating on their surfaces, ensuring your plants are protected from harmful solar radiation while maximizing sunlight exposure. This optimal balance supports healthy growth and the flourishing of vibrant blooms.
  • 【Balanced Ventilation & Enhanced Security】Balanced Ventilation & Enhanced Security: Our design integrates adjustable ventilation with secure access, featuring a lockable door and vent window for both optimal air circulation and safety. This ensures your plants thrive in a secure and controlled environment.
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