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Compost Tea Bags

Compost Tea Bags

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Compost Tea Bags offer a convenient and effective way to provide your plants with the nutrients they need for optimal growth. Each Bag will mix up to 5 gallons or 1 gallon for hungry plants.(ie. tomatoes, peppers). Once done with bag dump the bag directly into the garden.


Premium Ingredients: The tea bags are created using cow compost. These materials are rich in nutrients, and best of all, enviromentaly friendly


Easy Brewing Process: To brew the compost tea, simply soak the tea bag in water. It is recommended to agitate the bag by raising and lowering it in the water to encourage the release of nutrients and microbe activation.


Brewing Duration: For best results, allow the tea bag to soak in the water for three days. During this period, it is advisable to agitate the bag a couple of times each day to enhance microbe growth. It can be stored over the course of a few days.


Application Methods: Once the tea is ready, you can either spray it directly onto the leaves of your plants or use it when watering. This allows the nutrients and beneficial microbes to reach the plant roots and improve soil health. Use each time you water.


Benefits for Plants: The Super Compost Tea provides additional nutrition to your plants, enhancing their growth and overall health. It also improves soil fertility and structure, promoting healthier root systems and better nutrient uptake.


Using the Super Compost Tea Bags is an organic and reusable/environment friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers.

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